Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nothing Sarong with Us

Sarong, originally uploaded by Bio-hazar.

Yesterday we had a lovely day at the beach. It was another sunny day with temps up to and above 25oC. We went to a place called Joss Bay just outside Broadstairs in Kent. It has a nice sandy beach. We all took turns going in for a swim. At first Yvonne only went in very briefly and only just below her knees, but after lunch she and Peter played Frisbee on in the sea and she got wet up to her waist. In the evening we picked up a friend and headed to the Millennium Dome, now know as the O2, to watch a movie. It was a long day and late evening so it was straight to bed once we got home. Hence this entry is a day late.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New Kipling Bag

RIMG1433, originally uploaded by Bio-hazar.

During our whirl wind tour of London, I managed to find a Kipling bag store. I've been looking at a similar bag to this one for months now and trying to rationalize buying it. I kept looking at it and then walking away. A few months ago I saw it in a 20% off sale and almost bought it, but again walked away. Then I saw it in the 50% off sale yesterday in the Kipling store and I just couldn't walk away again. The lady in the shop said it had only came in that morning. It must have been waiting for me. So now it has a nice new home!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Busy Day Walking London

Well today we've had a very long and busy day. Peter wasn't feeling well, so it was just Yvonne and I that went up to Central London. We took the train from our area up into London Charing Cross. From there we walked over to Trafalgar Square and then down Whitehall do Horse Guards Parade. We got there just before 11am in time to see the changing of the guards. After we heading back up past Trafalgar Square and onto Leicester Square to see the statue of Charlie Chaplin that mentions our Great Grandfather's clog troupe the "Eight Lancashire Lads". Then I got very lost trying to find my way out of Leicester Square and ended up in China Town were we partook in some Chinese BBQ pork buns. We finally ended up on Shaftesbury Ave, so headed down to Piccadilly Circus and into the underground. Yvonne had made plans to meet up with her friend who works at the Canadian Embassy. After lunch we explored Oxford street for some shopping and found a lovely little side ally called St Christopher Place. We made our way to Hyde Park and crossed through it after a very short rest break on the desk chairs. Once on the other side of the park in Knightsbridge we quickly popped into Harrods to see the Princess Diana memorial and to use their luxury loos. By then we were completely exhausted so headed for home. We ended the day with a nice meal at a local pub. Now it's time for bed as it's another early morning tomorrow. Hope to upload more photos sometime soon.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Leeds Castle without Me

Well even though I had to work today. Peter took Yvonne to visit Leeds Castle. This photo was taken in the grounds of the castle beside some very large plants. They look a bit like thistles, but are way too big. I have been told that she really enjoyed it there even though she didn't get to see the dog collar museum.

In the evening they picked me up from work and I got a ride home. Then we ordered from out our local Indian take away. We had Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan, and Lamb with ginger. Yum! Then a relaxing evening sitting infront of the fan to try to keep cool.

Amended - After some research on line we have discovered that the Thistle like plant is called a Cardoon or a Articohoke Thistle.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another Day Another BBQ

Well Yvonne's visit is having a great effect on the weather here. Today was yet again another hot sunny day. After church we were invited around out our friend for another BBQ. We had some lovely marianded pork, beef sausages ( a first for Yvonne), salad, and the garlic and onions we bought at bourgh market the day before. We sat out in there lovely garden and enjoyed some nice wine and fine company. We had a nice relaxing afternoon just watching the planes fly over head and the next door cat chase the flies. It was a great way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon. A big thank you to Wulf and Jane!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

She's Arrived!

How exciting! My sister has arrived for her first trip to England. She was in Germany for the last two weeks, so popped over for a brief visit this week. Today we started the day early and headed down to the South Bank for our pre-booked trip on the London Eye. We managed to get there early enough to get on the the first flight of the day. It was such a beautiful sunny clear morning, so we got some good views. By the time we got off the Eye was before our flight was even pre-booked for. So with so much time on our hands we decided to head over to Borough Market. In all the years of living in London I had never been. Boy, was I missing out! It is such a lively vibrate place with so much wonderful food on display. We had to be very restraint an only bought a few things, like garlic marinated in chili and olive oil, balsamic onions, Burt Sugar hot ginger fudge, strawberry cream tart (for me), Baileys chocolate cheesecake (for Peter) and Yvonne got her a slice of banoffee pie to try.

After a short detour home, we headed over to my sister-in-laws for a belated Canada Day BBQ. Only 25 days late, but the weather was great and the company even better. Had a great time playing with the nieces. They put on a circus for us and did several dance routines. Then surprised me with a special Canada Bush, which was a bush in there back garden that they stuck Canadian flags in. Lots of great sausages and burgers were BBQ and served with fresh rolls, salads, crisps and dips. Yvonne had her first taste of Pimms and enjoyed that too.

In the evening we popped over to PPPs for a quick stopped that ended up being not so quick and had a nice chat drinking iced water and sitting in front of the fan. Then explored the garden in the evening breeze to check on the frogs in the pond. Tonight I think it will be an early night and who knows what tomorrow might bring.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Cuttlebug Birthday Card

Cuttlebug Birthday Card, originally uploaded by Bio-hazar.

Made for one of the several birthdays coming up in July. Done using Cuttlebug embossing folders coated with Nick Bantock inks, Katzel Kraft stamps, K&Co K-ology papers, buttons, brads and ribbon. Layout based on ISMAKI Challenge #25.