Sunday, 5 December 2010


Well the UK has been hit with major snow storms and it finally came to London. They are saying it's the worst weather conditions they've had in 23 years. It shut down the a lot of trains and some of the airports. It's not so much the snow, but that it just turns to ice and the UK just isn't very good at getting the roads cleared, never mind the sidewalks (or pavements as they are called here). This is what caused poor Peter's problem. He was walking up the pavement and then slipped on some ice. He put out his hand to catch himself, and has seriously hurt it. He waited for the next day to go to A&E as it was still to dangerous to go at night with so much ice still around. We had another big snow fall, so it made for better walking conditions. So he bundled up and headed for the local hospital. He was seen quiet quickly and the x-rayed his wrist. After looking at the x-ray they couldn't say either way if he has a break or not. So they have given him a splint and a sling and sent him home to rest for 5 to 7 days, unless it doesn't get any better.

Now 5 days after all the snow started we've gone above freezing and have had our typical London rain which has washed most of it away. I'm sure by Monday there will be no evidence it ever snowed. I just hope the trains will be back running on time!

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furrypig said...

It is kinda sad now I think. The snow was so beautiful when it first came but it soon became a grey sludgy mess! At least we can drive around now, I walked to work 2 days! (only an hour!) Hope you are keeping well Shelley send hugs to Peter, What have you been crafting? I am attempting a Chrimbo Journal this year (see my blog!) xxx